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and hearts semi-colon
I was going to do this later tonight, but seeing as things are rendering and rendering and rendering, I have a bit of time right now.

I have decided that, in the interest of getting to better know myself and use this journal to the fullest without any paranoia, I'm going to be converting it to a 100% f-locked journal.

A lot of things I talk about are nonsense, yes, but that's mostly because the real things I don't feel I should talk about. I am especially moody and I can feel passionate one way about something in the morning and another way at night, so I often ignore what I'm feeling so as not to bother people when I know I'll feel differently later. But I think that I'd rather not do things that way anymore. I'd rather just use this like a journal, and if it were my own journal, I wouldn't mind that I will feel differently later because a journal is for expressing and getting out the feelings you feel now.

So, in the spirit of that, everything beyond this point will be f-locked. Apologies for any inconvenience. ♥
Current Mood: draineddrained